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Three Coins Are Tossed Together. Find the Probability of Getting: Exactly Two Heads - Mathematics

Three coins are tossed together. Find the probability of getting: 

exactly two heads

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\[\text{ When 3 coins are tossed together, the outcomes are as follow }: \]
\[S = \left\{ \left( h, h, h \right), \left( h, h, t \right), \left( h, t, h \right), \left( h, t, t \right), \left( t, h, h \right), \left( t, h, t \right), \left( t, t, h \right), \left( t, t, t \right) \right\}\]
\[\text{ Therefore, the total number of outcomes is 8 }. \] 

\[\text{ Let A be the event of getting triplets having exactly 2 heads } . \]
\[\text{ Triplets having exactly 2 heads }: \left( h, h, t \right), \left( h, t, h \right), \left( t, h, h \right)\]
\[\text{ Therefore, the total number of favourable outcomes is 3 }. \]
\[P\left( A \right) = \frac{\text{ Number of favourable outcomes }}{\text{ Total number of outcomes }} = \frac{3}{8}\]

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RD Sharma Class 8 Maths
Chapter 26 Data Handling-IV (Probability)
Exercise 26.1 | Q 4.1 | Page 15
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