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This Poster Alongside Highlights the Need for ‘Peace’ - Social Science

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Short Note

This poster alongside highlights the need for ‘Peace’. It says, “Peace is a never-ending process… It cannot ignore our differences or overlook our common interests.” Write in your own words what you think the above sentences are trying to convey? How does it relate to the need for religious tolerance?
This chapter had three drawings on religious tolerance made by students of your age.
Design your own poster on religious tolerance for your peers.

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The given quote from Oscar Arias Sanchez highlights the need for peace as a mutual process that “requires us to work and live together”. As Gersonides states, peace cannot be achieved by force or fear but by shared consent. The sentences in the poster are trying to convey how peace is not an outcome of a definitive stance, but rather it is a process where similarities and differences conglomerate to form a whole. Attainment of peace does not entail turning a blind eye to racial, religious or economic differences, but rather accepting these as they are but not allowing these differences to mould our thoughts towards ill-will or hatred for those who are different from us in their religious undertakings.
This relates to the need for religious tolerance in its ideal for peace as tolerant and not arbitrary.

Concept: Important of Separating Religion from the State
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NCERT Class 8 Social Science - Social and Political Life 3
Chapter 2 Understanding Secularism
Exercise | Q 7 | Page 27
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