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This is a Play Featuring an Old Man and a Small Boy Meeting in the Former’S Garden. the Old Man Strikes up a Friendship with the Boy Who is Very Withdrawn and Defiant. - English Core

Answer in Brief

This is a play featuring an old man and a small boy meeting in the former’s garden. The old man strikes up a friendship with the boy who is very withdrawn and defiant. What is the bond that unites the two?

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Derry jumped over the wall and sneaked into the garden of Mr. Lamb. He did not want to be noticed by anyone. His burnt and distorted face made him want to run away from the society. On the other hand, Mr. Lamb who had a tin leg was a topic of mockery for everyone. People came to sit in the beauty of his garden, ate apples, pears and toffees, yet he was a non-entity for them. Thus, although different, both Derry and Mr. Lamb were bound by a single cord. The old man was able to understand the lonely boy’s feelings because he himself was lonely, living in a huge but ‘empty’ house. Also, he could make out the reason behind this loneliness very easily, which was their deformed body part.

Derry was told by many to look at the positive side but he was not able to overcome his grief and self contempt. However, when Mr. Lamb said the same, Derry noticed the different perspective and the underlying empathy which brought him closer to Lamey-Lamb.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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NCERT Textbook for Class 12 Vistas
Chapter 6 On the face of It
Before You Read | Q 1 | Page 56
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