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This is the Picture of a Turkish Invader Who Was Involved in the Battles of Tarain. Why Did He Invade India? - History and Civics

Short Note

This is the picture of a Turkish invader who was involved in the Battles of Tarain.

Why did he invade India?

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At the end of the 12th-century ce, a new kingdom based in Ghor arose in north-western Afghanistan (near Ghazni). The founder was Ghiyasuddin Ghori. His famous brother, Muizuddin Muhammad, is commonly referred to as Muhammad Ghori decided to conquer India and enrich his kingdom with India’s wealth. He first brought the frontier areas of Multan, Sind, and Punjab under his control.

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Chapter 1.03 The Turkish Invaders
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Chapter 4 The Turkish invasion and the establishment of the Delhi Sultanate
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