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This is a Picture of the Tomb of the Successor of Babur Picture Given Below in Which Book Could You Find a Detailed Account of Humayun'S Life? Who Wrote It? - History and Civics

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This is a picture of the tomb of the successor of Babur Picture Given Below

In which book could you find a detailed account of Humayun's life? Who wrote it?

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Humayunnama. Gulbadan wrote it.

Concept: An Overview of the Mughal Empire
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Goyal Brothers Prakashan Class 7 Focus on History and Civics
Chapter 1.07 Foundation of Mughal Empire
Picture study | Q 3
Oxford University Press Class 7 The Trail History and Civics for ICSE Middle School
Chapter 8 Babur, Humayun and Sher Shah
Picture study | Q 3
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