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They Started a Trek to the Peak of the Mountain - Supposed to Be a Very Hard Journey - a Five - Day Long Trek - When They Started - English - Communicative

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They started a trek to the peak of the mountain - supposed to be a very hard journey - a five - day long trek - when they started

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It was very cold and dark when they started a trek to the peak of the mountain on a wintry January morning. Four friends, Rishi, Manish, Punit, and Samir had planned the trek. Excited, they started off before dawn as they wanted to capture the sunrise from the peak. It was a five-day long trek and the plan was to stop whenever rest was required.

When they set out at 3 am that day, it was freezing and the four could barely walk. However, as the sun rose, the air became a little warm and they began enjoying their journey.

Samir, the photographer of the group, clicked photos constantly capturing every moment. . Never tiring of the huge camera, he managed the steep ascent effortlessly. Rishi and Punit were experts in recoding videos. They filmed the funny and memorable moments while trekking. Their impromptu commentary during the recording made the journey eventful.

As for Manish, he was the silent spectator of the group. No matter how much they pushed him to record a video or just pose for a photo, he was too shy to open up. But ten years down the line, as he saw the same photos and videos, he felt warm and happy from within. He called his friends to plan a second trek to the same peak and this time promised to have fun with all.

Concept: Writing Skill
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