They Always Give the Available Seats to __________________ Comes. - English Language


Fill in the blank by choosing the most appropriate option:

They always give the available seats to __________________ comes.


  • whoever

  • whichever

  • whom

  • whomever



They always give the available seats to whoever comes. 

Concept: Fill in the Blanks (Entrance Exams)
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2015-2016 (May) Set 1


In Mann Joseph's debut novel Serious Men, the protagonist, Ayyan Mani, is a U1, scheming Dalit-Buddhist who almost gets away with passing off his partially deaf son, Adi, as a prodigy, a genius who can recite the first 1,000 prime numbers. The garb of satire-where almost every character cuts a sorry figure-gives the author the licence to offer one' of the most bleak and pessimistic portrayals of urban Dalits. Despite his savage portrayal of Dalit (and female) characters-or perhaps because of it? Serious Men has won critical appreciation front a cross-section of readers and critics.

At a time when a formidable body of Dalit literature writing by Dalits about Dalit lives has created a distinct space for itself, how and why is it that a novel such as Serious Men, with its gleefully skewed portrayal of an angry Dalit man, manages to win such accolades? In American literature and particularly in the case of African- American authors and characters these issues of representation have been debated for decades. But in India, the sustained refusal to address issues related to caste in everyday life and the continued and unquestioned predominance of a Brahminical stranglehold over cultural production have led us to a place where non-Dalit portrayal of Dalits in literature, cinema and art remains the norm. The journey of modem Dalit literature has been a difficult one. But even though it has not necessarily enjoyed the support of numbers, we must engage with what Dalits are writing not simply for reasons of authenticity, or as a concession to identity politics, but simply because of the aesthetic value of this body of writing, and for the insights it offers into the human condition. In a society that is still largely unwilling to recognise Dalits as equal, rights bearing human beings, in a society that is inherently indifferent to the everyday violence against Dalits, in a society unwilling to share social and cultural resources equitably with Dalits unless mandated by law (as seen in the anti-reservation discourse), Dalit literature has the potential to humanise non- Dalits and sensitise them to a world into which they have no insight. But before we can understand what Dalit literature is seeking to accomplish, we need first to come to terms with the stranglehold of non-Dalit representations of Dalits.

Rohinton Miary's (A Fine Balance), published 15 years ago, chronicles the travails of two Dalit characters uncle Ishvar and nephew Omprakash who migrate to Bombay and yet cannot escape brutality. While the present of the novel is set at the time of the Emergency, Ishvar's father Dukhy belongs to the era of the anti-colonial nationalist movement. During one of Dukhi's visits to the town, he chances upon a meeting of the Indian National Congress, where speakers spread the "Mahatma's message regarding the freedom struggle, the struggle for justice," and wiping out "the disease of untouchability; ravaging us for centuries, denying dignity to our fellow human beings."

Neither in the 1940s, where the novel's past is set nor in the Emergency period of the 1970swhen the minds and bodies Ishvar and Omprakash, are savaged by the state-do we find any mention of a figure like BR Ambedkar or of Dalit movements. In his 'nationalist' understanding of modem Indian history, Mistry seems to have not veered too far from the road charted by predecessors like Mulk Raj Anand and Premchand. Sixty years after Premchand, Mistry's literary imagination seems stuck in the empathy realism mode, trapping Dalits in abjection. Mistry happily continues the broad stereotype of the Dalit as a passive sufferer, without consciousness of caste politics.

"It is not as if Dalit movements _________ not active during the periods that form A Fine Balance's backdrop." Select the most appropriate choice to fill in the blank in the above sentence: 

Fill in the blank with the correct option.

Please, ——————! This is not the time to get anxious.

Choose the right answer to fill in the blank. 

Mohan has a bad habit of ____________ at on odd hour.

These medicines are ____ for curing cold.

He stood ______ as a rock and faced the challenge.

He applied for and was ____ legal ai by the Labour Ministry.

Man who has committed such an _______ crime must get the most severe punishment.

The defending champion justified his top _______ by clinching the titile.

Traffic problems in Bombay are as serious as in any other city in India, and they are complicated by digging of roads by corporations on this or that _______.

Fill in the blanks using the appropriate options.
This simplified ______________ to the decision-making process is a must read for anyone ____________ important real estate, personal, or professional decisions.

Choose the set of words that best fits the meaning of the given sentence.
Just as his elder brother’s  __________ academic record had enabled him to attend one of the best universities, Rahul was also  _______ to secure admission in one of the premier business schools.

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.
Despite the mixture's ____________ nature, we found that by lowering its temperature in the laboratory, we could dramatically reduce its tendency to vaporize.

Select the best option from the four alternatives given

He told us that we should never live beyond ______ means. 

Fill in the blank.

They even passed ________ without any untoward incident. 

Fill in the blank.

His boss _____________ an explanation of his conduct with his colleagues. 

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words:

Under a zero-hour contract, a party described as a' casual worker' has a contract with an employer, but the contract may be of little benefit as its provisions do not (1) ________ any obligation upon the employer to offer work, and similarly, there is no obligation for the worker to accept it. A 'casual worker, is the correct term to define workers who do not have (2) ________ hours of work but instead supply services on an irregular, flexible basis when the employer needs them. A' worker' is not, therefore, an 'employee'. This is an important distinction, as employees enjoy significantly better protection under the law. Although workers do have basic rights, for example, the right to a national minimum (3) ________, the right not to be unlawfully discriminated against and the right to sick pay, but they are denied other important rights. For example, casual workers do not have the same rights when it comes to issues such as maternity or paternity pay, (4) ________, pay in the event that there is not enough work available and the right not to be unfairly (5) ________. These contracts are very unpopular with trade unions, who argue that employers are using this type of contract as a way of denying workers the benefits which they would otherwise be entitled to under current employment (6)________. As a result of public criticism, the Eurona government held an independent review to analyse the use of these contracts. In June 2016, Eurona Business Secretary, Zoro, concluded that zero-hour contracts were not to be declared (7) ________, as he considered that many groups of people benefited from them. However, he did change the law in order to prevent employers from banning casual workers from working elsewhere when bound by a zero-hour contract. This is not the end of the story, however. The use of zero-hour contracts is extremely popular in the food and retail (8)________ of the Eurona economy. For example, McDonald's and Burger King have recently disclosed that they use this type of contract for over 80% of their workers in the Eurona and another high-street giant, Sports Direct, has admitted that 90% of its workers are under this type of contract. However, the latter (9) _____ a legal challenge in November 2016 when Tera Phera filed a claim against the company in a Eurona Employment Tribunal. Tera Phera claimed that although she was contracted as a casual worker for Sports Direct, she had the same responsibilities and duties as an employee but without receiving the benefits of an employee. A (10) _____was reached according to which Sports Direct is now required at the time of advertising for future zero-hours staff to expressly state that the role does not (11) _____ work. The company must also produce clear written policies setting out what sick pay and paid holiday their zero-hours staff are entitled to.

(a) impose
(b) compel
(c) force
(d) impress

(a) fixed
(b) secure
(c) firm
(d) stable

(a) salary
(b) wage
(c) earnings
(d) remuneration

(a) let go
(b) redundancy
(c) termination
(d) release

(a) dismissed
(b) discharged
(c) terminated
(d) laid off

(a) statutes
(b) codes
(c) legislations
(d) acts

(a) unlawful
(b) illegal
(c) illegitimate
(d) felonious

(a) zones
(b) regions
(c) sectors
(d) areas

(a) suffered
(b) bore
(c) endured
(d) faced

(a) agreement
(b) settlement
(c) Deal
(d) Decision

(a) provide
(b) entitle
(c) guarantee
(d) offer

In the following sentence, there is a blank space. Below the sentence, there are four words Choose the correct word to fill in the blank.

Punishment for transgressions of the law ceases to have a deterrent effect if the punishment is frequently________

In the following sentence, there is a blank space. Below the sentence, there are four words Choose the correct word to fill in the blank.

My friend feels as though nothing ______ to him.

In the following sentence, there are two blank spaces. Below the sentence, there are four pairs of words. Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

Four officials of a rural cooperative bank ______ the institution of ₹ 1.56 crore, by _____ of a loan through fake Self Help Groups (SH Gs).

In the following sentence, there are two blank spaces. Below the sentence, there are four pairs of words. Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

This book is readable, clear and ________ researched with_____ detailed references.

Complete the following paragraph with the help of the given option.

It ______ the evening of a cold December day.

He knelt at his side and comforted him with ______ words.

I was annoyed ______ John for arriving late.

The rioting crowd had reached very close to Asha's house. Asha's brother somehow managed to avoid this crowd and reached home ______.

The fight for liberation brings ______ the best and the noblest qualities in mankind.

We must have ______ that these drugs are harmless.

I would rather stay indoors ______ the rain stops.

In his first public comment, the President said with concern that the leak of classified information from the battlefield ''could potentially ______ individuals or operations".

The man sitting ______ the enquiry counter was very helpful ______ polite.

We upset ourselves by responding in an ______ manner to someone else is action.


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