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There Are Two Main Reasons for that Predatory Mood. Having Established a Domestic Presence, the Component Makers Are Now Looking for an International Presence. Second, Having Improved Their - English Language

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In the following questions, a group of sentences about a single topic are given. One or more of the sentence(s) is/are grammatically incorrect. You have to identify the incorrect sentence(s).

  1. There are two main reasons for that predatory mood.
  2. Having established a domestic presence, the component makers are now looking for an international presence.
  3. Second, having improved their productivity, quality and reliability, Indian companies feel more confident about spreading their wings abroad.
  4. Various other factors are being attributed to this Indian penchant for the takeover game in all sectors.


  • I only

  • I and II

  • II only

  • III and IV

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'I only' is the correct option.

Concept: Incorrect/Correct Sentences (Entrance Exams)
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