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There Are Some Shepherds and Their Sheep Are in a Grazing Field. the No. of Total Heads Are 60 and Total Legs Are 168 Including Both Men and Sheep. the No. of Sheep is _______ - Mathematics


Solve the following question and mark the best possible option.
There are some shepherds and their sheep are in a grazing field. The no. of total heads are 60 and total legs are 168 including both men and sheep. The no. of sheep is _______


  • 18

  • 26

  • 24

  • 36

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Considering all 60 to be men the number of legs will be 120 and considering all to be sheep number of legs will be 240.
Using allegation we get
120                           240
           72    :    48
So ratio Men: Sheep is 3: 2. Men = 36 and Sheep = 24.
So option 24.

Concept: Mixture and Alligations
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