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There Are Some Examples of Diary Or Journal Entries in the ‘Before You Read’ Section. Compare These with What Anne Writes in Her Diary. What Language Was the Diary Originally Written - English Core

Short Note

There are some examples of diary or journal entries in the ‘Before You Read’ section. Compare these with what Anne writes in her diary. What language was the diary originally written in? In what way is Anne’s dairy different?

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Anne’s diary was originally written in Dutch. Her diary is different from the others in many aspects. She had named her diary ‘Kitty’. She thought of it as her only true friend whom she could confide in. She treated it as another person who was listening to her daily accounts. She wrote all her stories in it. She started by writing ‘Dearest kitty’ and ended the account by writing, ‘Yours, Anne’. Her diary was a lot more personal than other diaries.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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NCERT Class 10 English First Flight
Chapter 4.1 From the Diary of Anne Frank
Q 2 | Page 54
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