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CBSE Class 10 - Social Science: Political Parties - Major National and Regional Parties in India/ Types of Political Parties

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"All over the world, people express their dissatisfaction with the failure of political parties to perform their functions well." Analyse the statement with arguments.


We need political parties on account of the functions they perform.
•    They draw together people who have similar political philosophies and ideas.

•    In the parliamentary arena, political parties provide the government and opposition

•    They also lend organisational support. The party machine, also known as the extra-parliamentary wing of the party, is responsible for organising and financing election campaigns, developing policies and recruiting members.

•    They articulate philosophies and develop policies.

•    They are an avenue for community groups to influence the decision-making process.

•    They are one of the main avenues for political debate and discussion in the community However, political parties fail to perform their functions because of the challenges they face.

•    Internal organisation formation

•    Dynastic succession

•    Use of fair means to get desired outcomes

•    Failure in offering meaningful ideological options

•    Maintenance of democracy within the parties

•    Control on the use of money and muscle means

•    Offer meaningful choices to the people

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Solution Concept: Major National and Regional Parties in India/ Types of Political Parties.
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