The Zygote Divides to Form Blastocyst - Biology


Fill in the blanks

The zygote divides to form __________, which is implanted in uterus



The zygote divides to form blastocyst, which is implanted in uterus.

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Chapter 3: Human Reproduction - Exercises [Page 55]


NCERT Biology Class 12
Chapter 3 Human Reproduction
Exercises | Q 1.1 | Page 55

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Briefly explain the events of fertilisation and implantation in an adult human female.

Fill in the blanks:

Fertilization is __________ in humans. (external/internal)

Fill in the blanks:

Zygote is __________. (diploid/haploid)

Name the hormones secreted and write their functions by corpus luteum and placenta (any two).

Name the hormones secreted and write their functions : during Follicular phase and parturition.

Name the stages in a human female where Corpus luteum and placenta co-exist.

Name the stages in a human female where : Corpus luteum temporarily ceases to exist.

How is polyspermy prevented in humans?

Scientific term for the surgical removal of a section of fallopian tube.

Define Placentation

State three functions of the placenta

Explain the process of fertilisation and implantation in humans.

Describe the physicochemical events that take place during fertilization in humans.

Morula is a developmental stage ______.

Fertilizins are emitted by ______.

Cleavage starts after fertilization in ______.

Blastopore is ______.

Amount of yolk and its distribution are changed in the egg. Which one is affected?

What is true for cleavage?

Cleavage differs from mitosis in lacking ______.

In sexually reproducing animals, the union of male and female gamete forms a cell which is called ______

Blastomeres found in the outer layer of blastocyst are

Corpus luteum in pregnancy has a long life. However, if fertilisation does not take place, it remains active only for 10 - 12 days. Explain.


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