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The Youth of Different States Should Be Given a Chance to Meet One Another Through National Meets and Other Programmes. Taking Ideas from the Mcb Unit, National Integration and Your Own Ideas Write an Article in 100-120 Words on the Topic, Youth and National Integration You Are Ram/Rama. - English - Communicative

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The youth of different states should be given a chance to meet one another through national meets and other programmes. Taking ideas from the MCB unit, National Integration and your own ideas write an article in 100-120 words on the topic, Youth and National Integration You are Ram/Rama.

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Youth and National Integration
By Ram

India is a country where diversity plays a vital role. The Indian population comprises of many different races, religions, cultures and languages. Fostering national unity among everyone is the most difficult task in India today. Citizens of our country seem to have forgotten that unity is strength. Thus, national integration is the need of the hour. People should be educated on this topic. And what better audience than the youth.

Through schools and colleges, the young men and women should be taught that India is one and the differences are only superficial. For this, the textbooks should be suitably revised. Moreover, exchange programmes should be taken up to give the youth the chance to meet and grow acquaintanceship with others and their cultures. This will make the youth understand how even diversity brings us close.

Such programmes should emphasise upon the oneness of the people, rather than the differences. For this, media can also be a good medium to effectively educate the youth and develop national consciousness.

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