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The Workers of ‘Swastik Ltd.’ Are Unable to Work on New Computerised Machines Imported by the Company to Fulfil the Increased Demand. Also, State Any Three Benefits that the Workers Will Derive by the Decision of the Supervisor - Business Studies

The workers of ‘Swastik Ltd.’ are unable to work on new computerised machines imported by the company to fulfil the increased demand. Therefore the workers are seeking extra guidance from the supervisor and the supervisor is overburdened with the frequent calls of workers.
Suggest how the supervisor, by increasing the skills and knowledge of workers, can make them handle their work independently.

Also, state any three benefits that the workers will derive by the decision of the supervisor

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To correct the situation, workers must be provided with proper training. Training refers to enhancing the skills and abilities necessary for a specific job.

Training would help employees in the following manner:

i. Better Career Opportunities: Training helps in improving the knowledge of the employee which in turn helps in improving his career prospects.
ii. Earn More: By helping the individual to improve their knowledge and skills, training improves the earning prospects of employees.
iii. Less Accident Prone: With proper training, employees become more efficient in handling complex machines. This helps in reducing the chances of an accident.

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