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The Winchester Or Hard Disk Drives Can Store Much More Data than What Can Be Stored on a Floppy Diskette. Hard Disks Come Sealed and They Cannot Be Removed Or Changed like Floppy Diskettes. - English Language


The sentences given in each question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labelled with letter. Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.

  1. The Winchester or hard disk drives can store much more data than what can be stored on a floppy diskette.
  2. Hard disks come sealed and they cannot be removed or changed like floppy diskettes.
  3. Often floppy disk system is used in conjunction with the Winchester disk system.
  4. This makes for an ideal system for secondary storage.


  • C A B D

  • C B D A

  • B A C D

  • A B C D

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The correct sequence is option A B C D because (A) and (D) serves as opening and concluding sentences respectively while (B) and (C) follows.

Concept: Para-jumbles (Entrance Exam)
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