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The Velocity Associated with a Proton Moving in a Potential Difference of 1000 V is 4.37 × 105 Ms–1. If the Hockey Ball of Mass 0.1 Kg is Moving with this Velocity, Calculate the Wavelength Associated with this Velocity. - Chemistry

The velocity associated with a proton moving in a potential difference of 1000 V is 4.37 × 105 ms–1. If the hockey ball of mass 0.1 kg is moving with this velocity, calculate the wavelength associated with this velocity.

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Solution 1

According to de Broglie’s expression,

`lambda = h/(mv)`

Substituting the values in the expression,

`lambda = (6.626xx10^(-34)Js)/(0.1 kg)(4.37xx10^5 ms^(-1))`

`lambda = 1.516xx 10^(38) m`

Solution 2

λ = h/mv = 6.626×10-34 kgm2s-1/(0.1 kg) (4.37×105 ms-1) = 1.516×10-28 m

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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 2 Structure of Atom
Q 60 | Page 68
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