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The Tourism Industry Can Bring Valuable Income to the Country. Using Your Ideas Along with Ideas from the Mcb Unit, Travel and Tourism, Write a Letter to the Editor of a Popular Daily on How the Government and the Public Can Boost the Development of this Industry. - English - Communicative

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The tourism industry can bring valuable income to the country. Using your ideas along with ideas from the MCB unit, Travel and Tourism, write a letter to the editor of a popular daily on how the government and the public can boost the development of this industry. Write the letter in 100-120 words. You are Rama/Ram, 4 Rani Road, Ranchi.

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4 Rani Road,


19 March 2015

The Editor

The Hindu Daily



Subject: The tourism industry needs a boost

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to bring to light the issue of the requirement of boost in the tourism industry.

We know that tourism is necessary for every country. It is a major source of income for both, the locals and the government. But in India, tourism has not been given its due. With only an average of 4 million tourists annually, India is way behind countries like Russia and Singapore. Increasing tourists will increase employment in tourism industry and eventually increasing the quality of life of thousands.

It is high time that tourism be given its long awaited due. We need to design schemes to keep our tourists safe and happy. The monuments and other tourist spots should be preserved. Extensive work should be done on the cleanliness and beautification of the country so as to make it attractive for the foreign tourists. The government needs improve the hotels industry for the convenience of the tourists. Moreover, every citizen should put put forth his/her hospitable nature towards the tourist so that they do not leave our country disappointed.

Yours sincerely,


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