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The Total Energy of an Electron in the First Excited State of the Hydrogen Atom is About −3.4 Ev. Which of the Answers Above Would Change If the Choice of the Zero of Potential Energy is Changed? - Physics

The total energy of an electron in the first excited state of the hydrogen atom is about −3.4 eV.

Which of the answers above would change if the choice of the zero of potential energy is changed?

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The potential energy of a system depends on the reference point taken. Here, the potential energy of the reference point is taken as zero. If the reference point is changed, then the value of the potential energy of the system also changes. Since total energy is the sum of kinetic and potential energies, total energy of the system will also change.

Concept: Energy Levels
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NCERT Class 12 Physics Textbook
Chapter 12 Atoms
Q 15.3 | Page 437
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