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The Supplement of an Acute Angle is ................. - Mathematics

Answer in Brief

The supplement of an acute angle is .................

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The supplement of an acute angle is an obtuse angle.


As the sum of the supplementary angles is 180°.

Let one of the angle measures x°, such that x < 90

Let the other angle measures y°

As the angles are supplementary there sum is 180°.

x + y = 180°    ..... (1)

x < 90°   ....... (2)

Now subracting (1) from (2)

-y < - 90°

y > 90°

Then, other angle y is clearly an obtuse angle.


Let the given acute angle be 30°

Then, the other angle becomes

 (180 - 30)° = 150°

This is clearly an obtuse angle.

Concept: Introduction to Lines and Angles
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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 10 Lines and Angles
Q 5 | Page 50
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