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The Supertag Scanner Could Revolutionise the Way People Shop, Virtually Eradicating Supermarket Queues; the Face of Retailing Will Change Even More Rapidly When the Fibre Optic Networks - English Language

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The five paragraphs given below have all had their constituent sentences jumbled. Read each jumbled passage carefully and then pick the option in which the best sequence is shown.

  1. The Supertag scanner could revolutionise the way people shop, virtually eradicating supermarket queues;
  2. The face of retailing will change even more rapidly when the fibre optic networks being built by cable TV companies begin to be more widely used;
  3. The scanner would have a double benefit for supermarkets - removing the bottleneck which causes frustration to most customers and reducing the number of checkout staff;
  4. An electronic scanner which can read the entire contents of a supermarket trolley at a glance has just been developed. The best sequence is:


  • ii, i, iii, iv 

  • iv, i, iii, ii

  • iv, iii i, i

  • iii, i, iv, ii

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Option (iv) introduces the electronic scanner then option (i) talks about its effects, option (iii) further elaborates its benefits and (ii) serves as the concluding point indicating the future implications.
Therefore, iv, i, iii, ii is the correct option.

Concept: Para-jumbles (Entrance Exam)
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