The Sum of Interior Angles of a Regular Polygon is Thrice the Sum of Its Exterior Angles. Find the Number of Sides in the Polygon. - Mathematics

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The sum of interior angles of a regular polygon is thrice the sum of its exterior angles. Find the number of sides in the polygon.

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Sum of interior angles = 3 x Sum of exterior angles

Let exterior angle = x

The interior angle = 3x

x + 3x=180°

⇒ 4x = 180°

⇒ x = `180/4`

⇒ x = 45°

Number of sides = `360/45 = 8`

Concept: Regular Polynomial
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Selina Concise Mathematics Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 16 Understanding Shapes
Exercise 16 (B) | Q 20 | Page 185
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