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The Substance Which Can Produce Brisk Effervescence with Baking Soda Solution Is: (A) Ethanol (B) Vegetable Oil (C) Vinegar (D) Soap Solution(B) Hydrocarbon Ends Directed Towards the Centre and Ionic Ends Directed Outwards in a Soap Micelle, the Soap Molecules Are Arranged Radially with the Hydrocarbon Ends, I.E. Hydrophobic, Directed Towards the Centre; And, Ionic Ends, I.E. Hydrophilic, Directed Outwards. - Science

The substance which can produce brisk effervescence with baking soda solution is:
(a) ethanol
(b) vegetable oil
(c) vinegar
(d) soap solution(b) hydrocarbon ends directed towards the centre and ionic ends directed outwards
In a soap micelle, the soap molecules are arranged radially with the hydrocarbon ends, i.e. hydrophobic, directed towards the centre; and, ionic ends, i.e. hydrophilic, directed outwards.

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Vinegar can produce brisk effervescence with the baking soda solution.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Chemistry (Science)
Chapter 4 Carbon And Its Compounds
Q 61 | Page 266
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