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The Speed of the Stone is Increased Beyond the Maximum Permissible Value, and the String Breaks Suddenly, Which of the Following Correctly Describes the Trajectory of the Stone After the String Breaks - Physics

If, in Exercise 5.21, the speed of the stone is increased beyond the maximum permissible value, and the string breaks suddenly, which of the following correctly describes the trajectory of the stone after the string breaks:

(a) the stone moves radially outwards,

(b) the stone flies off tangentially from the instant the string breaks,

(c) the stone flies off at an angle with the tangent whose magnitude depends on the speed of the particle ?

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Solution 1

Answer: (b)

When the string breaks, the stone will move in the direction of the velocity at that instant. According to the first law of motion, the direction of velocity vector is tangential to the path of the stone at that instant. Hence, the stone will fly off tangentially from the instant the string breaks.

Solution 2

(b) The velocity is tangential at each point of circular motion. At the time the string breaks, the particle continues to move in the tangential direction according to Newton’s first law of motion

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NCERT Class 11 Physics Textbook
Chapter 5 Laws of Motion
Q 22 | Page 111
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