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The Speed Limit for a Vehicle on Road is 120 Km/ Hr. a Policeman Detects a Drop of 10% in the Pitch of Horn of a Car as It Passes Him. is the Policeman Justified in Punishing the Car Driver for Crossing the Speed Limit - Physics

The speed limit for a vehicle on road is 120 km/ hr. A policeman detects a drop of 10% in the pitch of horn of a car as it passes him. Is the policeman justified in punishing the car driver for crossing the speed limit? (Given: Velocity of sound= 340 m/s)

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Given: Speed limit, vL = 120 km/hr

= 17.89 m/s

vS = 64.40 km/hr


Hence, the policeman is not justified in punishing the car driver.

Concept: Equation for Velocity and Energy at Different Positions of Vertical Circular Motion
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