The Shompens Are the Tribal People of - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


The Shompens are the tribal people of


  • Andaman

  • Nicobar

  • Lakshadweep

  • None of the above




Concept: Geography Current Affair (Enterance Exam)
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Which one of the following tribes lives in the Niyamgiri Hills, which is at the heart of the controversy surrounding Vedanta Resources' mining operations?

Choose the appropriate alternative:
Which type of mango from Andhra Pradesh received a Geographical Indication (GI) Tag in 2017?

The Yarlung Zangbo river in India is known as

An Antarctic ice fish has specialized feature which enables it to withstand sub-freezing temperatures which are

Desert which is very hot in the day and becomes very cold at night is

The lenght of its day and the tilt of its axis are almost identical to those of the earth. This is true of

Which one of the following lakes in India has the highest water salinity?

Wildlife Society of Orissa a voluntary organisation, has brought to the notice of the State Government that the wildlife species of the state is under potential threat of extinction because of

Which one of the following countries has the longest international boundary with India?

Which of the following pairs is correct?

Which layer of atmosphere helps into communication?

Which of the following state has the maximum length of surfaced roads in India?

The line demarcating the boundaries of India and China is known as

The countries which have concluded Teesta Water Sharing Agreement are

Halley's Comet appears once in a period of

What is the Beaufort scale?

Exfoliation in granite is regarded as a process of

The tree species most commonly used in social forestry is

Which of the following is India's biggest River Island?

Which state in India has the highest literacy rate?

What do you call one of the most famous constellations that we can see during summer time in the early part of the night?

Which of the following states is not a member of 'Seven Sisters' states of north-East India?

Which country's President made an underwater speech to call for stronger action to protect oceans in 2019?

Which famous landmark is present between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie?

Which BIMSTEC members are NOT participating in China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)?

Three of the given four names share a certain relation whereas one is different. Select the option that is different from the rest.

Agartala, Imphal, Kohima, Silchar

What is the capital of Cuba?

Oltet river valley, which was seen in the news recently, is located in which country?


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