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The Sexy, Slim, Indian Superstar. the Indian, Slim, Sexy Superstar. My Yellow, Old, Ferrari Sports Car. My Old, Yellow, Ferrari Sports Car. - English Language

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Find out the sentence/s which is/are written correctly.

  1. The sexy, slim, Indian superstar.
  2. The Indian, slim, sexy superstar.
  3. My yellow, old, Ferrari sports car.
  4. My old, yellow, Ferrari sports car.


  • I, IV

  • I, III

  • II, IV

  • II, III

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I, IV are the correct options.
If there are several adjectives qualifying a noun, they follow the following order of precedence. · Quantity or number · Quality or opinion · Size · Age · Shape · Color · Proper adjective (often nationality, place of origin, brand or material) · Purpose or qualifier Therefore, in the first case, sexy (quality) slim (size) Indian (nationality) will be the order; while in the second, old (age) yellow (colour) Ferrari (brand) sports (purpose).

Concept: Incorrect/Correct Sentences (Entrance Exams)
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