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The Separation Between the Consecutive Dark Fringes in a Young'S Double Slit Experiment is 1.0mm. the Screen is Placed at a Distance of 2.5m from the Slits and the Separation Between the Slits Is1.0mm - Physics


The separation between the consecutive dark fringes in a Young's double slit experiment is 1.0 mm. The screen is placed at a distance of 2.5m from the slits and the separation between the slits is 1.0 mm. Calculate the wavelength of light used for the experiment.

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Separation between consecutive dark fringes = fringe width (β) = 1 mm = 10−3 m

Distance between screen and slit (D) = 2.5 m

The separation between slits (d) = 1 mm = 10−3 m

Let the wavelength of the light used in experiment be λ.

We know that

\[\beta = \frac{\lambda D}{d}\]

\[{10}^{- 3}   m = \frac{2 . 5 \times \lambda}{{10}^{- 3}}\]

\[ \Rightarrow \lambda = \frac{1}{2 . 5} {10}^{- 6}   m\]

\[= 4 \times  {10}^{- 7}   m = 400 \text{ nm}\]

Hence, the wavelength of light used for the experiment is 400 nm.

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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 17 Light Waves
Q 6 | Page 381
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