The ‘sea-water’ can be classified as a homogeneous as well as heterogeneous mixture. Comment. - Science

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The ‘sea-water’ can be classified as a homogeneous as well as a heterogeneous mixture. Comment.



Sea-water can be classified as a homogeneous mixture because it contains salts dissolved in water. It can be classified as a heterogeneous mixture also since it contains mud, sand and decayed parts of plants.

Concept: Mixture
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Chapter 2: Is Matter Around Us Pure - Short Answer Questions [Page 14]


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Chapter 2 Is Matter Around Us Pure
Short Answer Questions | Q 13. | Page 14

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What are the characteristic properties of a pure substance? Why do we need them?

Define :- Miscible liquids

Define :- Immiscible liquids

Select the correct alternative from the choices given for the following statement:

Example of a homogeneous mixture is 

Fill in the blank

Mixtures can be ________ or _______ 

Differentiate between homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures with examples.

When a mixture of iron powder and sulphur powder is heated strongly to form iron sulphide, then heat energy is :

Name one pair of substances whose mixture can be separated completely by distillation.

A mixture contains water, kerosene and sand. How will you separate this mixture ?

How will you separate a mixture of mercury, oil and water ?

The chemical which can be used to separate a mixture of carbon powder and sulphur powder successfully is :

Matter is classified into the types of mixture, compound and element by applying the criterion ______.

Milk is an example of a type of matter called __________.

Seawater tastes salty due to the dissolved salt. the salinity (the proportion of salts in water) of some water bodies Lonar lake - 7.9 %, Pacific Ocean 3.5%, Mediterranean sea- 3.8%, Dead sea- 33.7%. Explain two characteristics of the mixture from the above information.

Give two examples.

Homogeneous mixture

The constituents of a mixture are present in a fixed ration.

Solutions are

Define the following:

Heterogeneous mixture

Define the following:

Homogeneous mixture

Give two examples of the following type of mixture.


Why do we need pure substances?

Name two substances which can sublime.

Write “true” or “false” for the following statement

Common salt is separated from its solution in water by decantation.

With reference to the mixture of iron and sulphur, state the main characteristics of the mixture.

Match the statements in List I with the correct answer in List II.

List I List II
1. Purification of water by adding alum A: Sublimation
2. Seawater leaving behind common salt B: Sieving
3. Separation of camphor and potassium chloride C: Filtration
4. Separation of charcoal from a charcoal-water mixture D: Sedimentation 
5. Separation of bran and wheat flour E: Evaporation

Name the following:

A physical method of separating iron from an iron-sulfur mixture.

Name the following:

The component of a naphthalene-sodium chloride mixture, which remains in the evaporating dish when heated together, covered with a funnel.

Write answer to the following question in your own words.

How are the components of mixtures separated by simple methods?

State what information is provided by the formula of calcium hydroxide – Ca(OH)2

Four atoms of hydrogen combine with one atom of carbon to give methane [CH4]. State the valency of carbon.

Differentiate between a homogenous and a heterogeneous mixture with one example of each in the (a) solid-solid (b) solid-liquid If (c) liquid-liquid state of the mixture.

Complete the given analogy.

Iron – sulphur mixture : ______:: Mustard seeds from Urad-dhal: Rolling

Give an example for mixture and justify your answer with reason.

Write the sequence of steps you would use for making tea. (Use the words: mixture, dissolve, filtrate and residue).

Make a fruit or vegetable salad. Give reasons why you think it is a mixture.

Among the following______ is a mixture.

How will you separate a mixture containing saw dust, naphthalene and iron filings?

How is a mixture of common salt, oil and water separated? You can use a combination of different methods.

Why do we need to separate different components of a mixture? Give two examples.

Air is a mixture. Justify.

Give the characters a mixture.

Milk is a ______.

Which of the following are physical changes?

(i) Melting of iron metal

(ii) Rusting of iron

(iii) Bending of an iron rod

(iv) Drawing a wire of iron metal

Suggest separation technique(s) one would need to employ to separate the following mixture.

Potassium chloride and ammonium chloride

What would you observe when

a saturated solution of potassium chloride prepared at 60°C is allowed to cool to room temperature.

Can we separate alcohol dissolved in water by using a separating funnel? If yes, then describe the procedure. If not, explain.

Supernatant denotes the heterogeneous mixture, lying above a solid residue, after crystallization, precipitation, centrifugation, or another process.

Air is a ______.

A mixture of iron filings and salt is a ______ type of mixture.

Expand LPG ______.

LPG is ______ gas. 

List out the characteristics of Mixtures.

Tabulate Differences between mixtures and compounds.

Write scientific reason.

Lemon sherbet has a sweet, sour and salty taste, and it can be poured into a glass.

Write scientific reason.

Lemon sherbat has sweet, sour and salty taste and it can be poured in a glass.

Write scientific reason.

Lemon sherbat has sweet, sour and salty taste and it can be poured in a glass.


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