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The Release of Atomic Energy is the Greatest Achievement Which Science Has Yet Attained but the First Invention to Which Their Discoveries Were Applied Was a Bomb - English Language

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Given below are the jumbled sentences of a paragraph. The first and the last sentence of the jumbled paragraph are given in correct order. Arrange the middle sentences in the correct sequence.

  1. The release of atomic energy is the greatest achievement which science has yet attained
  2. but the first invention to which their discoveries were applied was a bomb
  3. the atom was split by physicists whose minds were set on the search for knowledge
  4. it was more deadly than any other weapon invented so far
  5. it is with dread that scientists regard the first use to which their greatest discovery was put
  6. however, they are gratified by the numerous applications of atomic energy for peaceful and constructive population.


  • ii, iii, iv, v

  • v, iii, ii, iv

  • iii, ii, iv, v

  • iv, v, iii, ii

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iii, ii, iv, v is the correct option.

Concept: Para-jumbles (Entrance Exam)
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