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The Refractive Index of Glass for Light Going from Air to Glass Is 3232. the Refractive Index for Light Going from Glass to Air Will Be: (A) `1/3` (B) `4/5` (C) `4/6` (D) `5/2` - Science

The refractive index of glass for light going from air to glass is  The refractive index for light going from glass to air will be:

(a) `1/3`

(b) `4/5`
(c) `4/6` 
(d) `5/2`

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Refractive index of material 2 with respect to material 1 is given by:  

1n2 =`"speed of  light in medium 1"/"speed of light in medium 2"` 

By the same argument, refractive index of medium 1 with respect to medium 2 is given by:  

2n1 = `"speed of light in medium 2"/"speed of lighht in medium 1"`=1/1n2   

1n2  is `3/2` therefore,  2n1 will be 1/ `3/2` 

Therefore, refractive index of light going from glass to air will be 4/6.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 5 Refraction of Light
Q 21 | Page 229
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