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The Reaction: Ch3ch2i+Koh(Aq)→Ch3ch2oh+Kich3ch2i+Koh(Aq)→Ch3ch2oh+Ki is Classified as : - Chemistry

The reaction: `CH_3CH_2I + KOH_((aq)) -> CH_3CH_2OH + KI` is classified as :

(a) electrophilic substitution

(b) nucleophilic substitution

(c) elimination

(d) addition



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`CH_3CH_2I + KOH_((aq)) -> CH_3CH_2OH + KI`

It is an example of nucleophilic substitution reaction. The hydroxyl group of KOH (OH) with a lone pair of itself acts as a nucleophile and substitutes iodide ion in CH3CH2I to form ethanol

Concept: Fundamental Concepts in Organic Reaction Mechanism - Nucleophiles and Electrophiles
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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 12 Organic Chemistry - Some Basic Principles and Techniques
Q 40 | Page 364
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