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The Rajya Sabha is the Second Chamber of the Indian Parliament and Represents the Interest of the States. in this Context Explain the Following: Qualifications for Membership. - History and Civics

The Rajya Sabha is the second chamber of the Indian Parliament and represents the interest of the States. In this context explain the following:

Qualifications for membership.

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The qualifications required to become a member of the Rajya Sabha are:
i. She/he should be an Indian citizen.
ii. She/he should be at least 30 years and above.
iii. She/he should not hold any office of profit under the government.
iv. She/he should not be a proclaimed criminal.
v. She/he should be of a sound mind.
vi. She/he should have her/his name in the electoral list in any part of the country.
vii. She/he should not be an insolvent, i.e. should not be in debt, and have the ability to pay her/his financial commitments

Concept: Rajya Sabha - Composition, Qualifications for Membership, Election, Term
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