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The ‘Professor’ Knew Too Much. How Did He Prove Himself ? Fill up the Space with Suitable Examples from the Story, Using the Given Clues : - English - Communicative

Answer in Brief

The ‘Professor’ knew too much. How did he prove himself ? Fill up the space with suitable examples from the story, using the given clues :
(a) about muzzle velocity : _____
(b) after a thirty mile walk : _____
(c) his salute on payday : ______
(d) the loud sound of a high flying invisible aeroplane : _______
(e) about hand grenades : _______
(f) during cook house duties :. _______

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The ‘Professor’ certainly knew too much. He had everything on the tips of his fingers. He borrowed training manuals and read them all at night. He troubled instructors with questions. He always tried to show that all others, including his instructors, knew much less than him.

(a) about muzzle velocity: When a Sergeant defines muzzle velocity or the speed at which the bullet leaves the rifle, the Professor interrupts, “Two thousand, four hundred and forty feet per second”.

(b) after a thirty mile walk: After a thirty mile walk he was not only wonderfully tireless but would display his terrible heartiness. He would say, “What about a song, chaps?”

(c) his salute on payday: His salute on payday was a model to behold. When officers in sight he would swing his skinny arms marching like a Guardsman.

(d) the loud sound of a high flying invisible aeroplane: The ‘Professor’ could unmistakably identify it by the harsh engine note, due to the high tip speed of the airscrew

(e) about hand grenades: The ‘Professor’ gave a very specific answer about the fragments of the outside of a grenade. He told, “Forty- Four”.

(f) during cook house duties: During cook house duties he protested against the unscientific and unhygienic method of peeling potatoes resulting in sheer waste of vitamin values.

Concept: Writing and Grammar
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CBSE Class 9 English Course Communicative: Literature Reader
Chapter 1.3 The Man Who Knew Too Much
Exercise | Q 2 | Page 25
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