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The Postmaster Was Anxiously Waiting for His Ailing Daughter'S News. on Not Getting Any News, He Visits His Daughter'S Town. Now Create a Dialogue Between the Postmaster and His Daughter and Enact It. - English Core

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Answer in Brief

The postmaster was anxiously waiting for his ailing daughter's news. On not getting any news, he visits his daughter's town. Now create a dialogue between the postmaster and his daughter and enact it.

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The postmaster knocks at the door. His daughter opens the door and is surprised to see her father. Tears of joy came into her eyes.

Daughter : Oh! Father. How happy I am to see you here. Come Inside.

Postmaster :     (Hugs his daughter) How are you, my child? I was very worried about you. You didn’t even write a letter to tell me about your well-being.

Daughter:  Father, I am very sorry. I can understand your feelings. But I didn’t want to disturb you further by telling you about my illness.

Postmaster :     (In a complaining tone) Atleast, you could have written a letter just to say that you are well.

Daughter: I wanted to come and spend a few days with you.

Postmaster :     (with joy) Really! Then what are you waiting for? Pack your things and I’ll ask your in-laws to send you with me. I am sure they will not object.

Daughter :  Of course not. I am going to get something to eat for you; then I’ll get ready to go home.
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Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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