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The Postmaster Believes that He Had Seen Ali. What Do You Think? Discuss with Your Partner and Present Your Views in Front of the Class. - English Core

Answer in Brief

The postmaster believes that he had seen Ali. What do you think? Discuss with your partner and present your views in front of the class.

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The story was really interesting as well as touching. It has taught us a very wonderful lesson i.e. to value the sentiments of others and feel love and show patience for one another. The postmaster realized his mistake, but too late. He found himself in the same situation as Ali’s and his fatherly sentiments rose up to understand Ali’s state of mind. On getting Ali’s letter, he realized the truth of Ali’s anxiety and agony and wanted to hand over the letter to him. I think his belief that he saw Ali, stemmed from his conscience that was eager to break out the news of getting Ali’s letter to him. In my opinion, that was a hallucination.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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