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The Position of Certain Elements in the Modern Periodic Table is Shown Below: - Science

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Answer in Brief

The position of certain elements in the Modern Periodic Table is shown below:

Using the above table answer the following questions giving reasons in each case :
(i) Which element will form only covalent compounds?
(ii) Which element is a non-metal with valency 2?
(iii) Which element is a metal with valency 2?
(iv) Out of H, C, and F which has the largest atomic size?
(v) To which family does H, C, and F belong?

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(i) Element E is Silicon. It will form a covalent bond only. The outermost orbit of silicon has four electrons and it needs four more electrons to become stable.

(ii) Non-metal with valency 2 is B, which is Oxygen. Oxygen has a high electronegativity, due to which it has a higher tendency to attract electrons rather than donating them.

(iii) Element D is a metal with valency 2. Element D is magnesium, due to its low electronegativity it has a very high tendency to donate electrons.

(iv) Element F has the largest atomic size. According to the electronic configuration of element F which is argon, it occupies 3 energy shells compared to elements H and C which occupies one and two energy shells and due to this its atomic radius is the largest.

(v) Elements H, C, and F belong to Group number eighteen, which means according to their outer electronic configuration their octet is complete and thus these elements are stable. They have a very low tendency to react with other elements. Group eighteen elements belong to the noble gas family.

Concept: Periodic Properties
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