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The Plate Current Remains Unchanged If the Plate Voltage is Increased to 250 V and the Grid Voltage is Decreased to −2.5 V. Calculate the Amplification Factor. - Physics


A triode value operates at Vp = 225 V and Vg = −0.5 V.
The plate current remains unchanged if the plate voltage is increased to 250 V and the grid voltage is decreased to −2.5 V. Calculate the amplification factor.

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Amplification factor for a triode valve,

\[\mu = \frac{\text{Change in Plate Voltage}}{\text{Change in Grid Voltage}}\]

At constant plate current,

\[\mu =   \left(\frac{\delta V_P}{\delta V_G}\right)_{i_P = constant} \]

\[\mu = \frac{250 - 225}{2 . 5 - 0 . 5}\]

\[\mu = \frac{25}{2} = 12 . 5\]

This implies that the amplification factor of the triode is 12.5

Concept: Semiconductor Diode
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HC Verma Class 11, Class 12 Concepts of Physics Vol. 2
Chapter 19 Electric Current through Gases
Q 13 | Page 353
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