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The place where buying and selling of securities takes place



Stock Exchange.

Concept: Stock Exchange
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2013-2014 (March)

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Explain any three functions of stock exchange.

Write notes on Bombay Stock Exchange. 

An institution which regulates and controls the activities of the Stock Exchange is called _______. 

Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute each of the following statements:  

The highest price quoted by a buyer to buy a specified number of shares or stock at any given time. 

Write notes on Functions of S.E.B.I. 

Write notes on.Functions of stock exchange.

Select the proper option from the option given below and rewrite the sentences: 

A market where existing securities are resold or traded is called __________ market. 

A market place where existing securities are bought and sold.

State, with reason, whether the following statement is True or False.

Stock exchanges reflect financial progress of the company.

State any two reasons why investing public can expect a safe and fair deal in the stock market. (Point w.r.t safety of Transactions – Functions of the Stock Exchange).

What is the common name for Beneficiary Owner Account, which is to be opened by the investors for trading in securities?

Name any two details that need to be provided by the investor to the broker while filling a client registration form.

What are the functions of the Stock Exchange?

Name the document prepared in the process of online trading of securities that is legally enforceable and helps to settle disputes/claims between the investor and the broker.

Jobber and stockbroker

Write a word or a term or a phrase which can substitute the following statement :

The place where buying and selling of securities takes place.

Write Short Notes on Role of Stock Exchange (March 2009)

Explain the features of stock exchange.

Answer the following question.
Stock exchange acts as a regulator of the securities market. It creates a continuous market where the securities are bought and sold. It gives investors the chance to disinvest and reinvest. Through this process of disinvestment and reinvestment, savings get channelized into their most productive investment avenues. To ensure that the investing public gets a safe and fair deal in the market, the membership of the stock exchange is well regulated and its dealings are well defined according to the existing legal framework. It also ensures a wider share of ownership by regulating new issues, better trading practices, and taking effective steps in educating the public about investments.

Various functions performed by the Stock Exchange are discussed in the above para. By quoting lines from above para, state any four functions of the stock exchange.

_____ is the oldest stock exchange in the world.

There are _____ stock exchange in the country.

Stock exchanges deal in _________.

Stock exchange allow trading in _______.

What is meant Stock Exchange?

Define Stock Exchange.

The total number of Stock Exchange in India is

______ was developed in Ahemdabad as Ahmedabad Stock Exchange (ASE) in 1894. 

Which of the following is a function of the stock exchange?

The organisation/institution which provides scope for speculation is :

NSE and BSE are types of ______.

When the stock market is bearish, a company must go for which of the following?

When the stock market is bullish, a company must go for which of the following?

The organisation/institution which provides scope for speculation is:

______ refers to the time period between placing an order its receipts in stock. 

Read the following text and answer the following questions on the basis of the same:

Mr. A. Bose is running a successful business. Mr. Bose is the owner of R. K. Cement Ltd. Mr. Bose decided to expand his business by acquiring a Steel Factory. This required an investment of Rs. 60 crores. To seek advice in this matter, he called his financial advisor Mr. T. Ghosh who advised him about the judicious mix of equity (40%) and Debt (60%). Employ more of cheaper debt may enhance the EPS. Mr. Ghosh also suggested him to take loan from a financial institution as the cost of raising funds from financial institutions is low. Though this will increase the financial risk but will also raise the return to equity shareholders. He also apprised him that issue of debt will not dilute the control of equity shareholders. At the same time, the interest on loan is a tax-deductible expense for computation of tax liability. After due deliberations with Mr. Ghosh, Mr. Bose decided to raise funds from a financial institution.

Employ more of cheaper debt may enhance the EPS. Such practice is called :

______ is a number assigned to each transaction by the stock exchange and is printed on the contract note.

Arrange the steps involved in trading procedure at the stock exchange in correct sequence:

  1. Settlement of order
  2. Opening of Demat Account
  3. Placing of order
  4. Execution of order


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