The Pillars of a Temple Are Cylindrically Shaped. If Each Pillar Has a Circular Base of Radius 20 Cm and Height 10 M. How Much Concrete Mixture Would Be Required to Build 14 Such Pillars? - Mathematics

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Answer in Brief

The pillars of a temple are cylindrically shaped. If each pillar has a circular base of radius 20 cm and height 10 m. How much concrete mixture would be required to build 14 such pillars?

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Given data is as follows:

r = 20cm 

h = 10m

Number of pillars = 14

We have to find the total amount of concrete present in all 14 pillars.

Radius of the pillar is given in centimeters, so let us convert it to meters.

 r = 20 cm = .2m

Let us first find the amount of concrete present in one pillar, which is nothing but the volume of the pillar.

`"Volume of 1 pillar "  = pi r^2 h`

                                    `= pi xx .2 xx.2xx10`

`"Volume of 14 pillars"  = 14 xx pi xx .20 xx .20 xx 10 `

                                     `=14 xx 22/7 xx .20xx .20 xx10`

  `"Volume of 14 pillars " = 17.6 m^2`

Therefore, total amount of concrete mixture in 14 pillars is 17.6 m.

Concept: Surface Area of Cylinder
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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 19 Surface Areas and Volume of a Circular Cylinder
Exercise 19.2 | Q 2 | Page 20

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