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The Period Between 1920 to 1947 Was Marked with Major Events and Reforms that Finally Led to Us to Our Independence. in this Context, Answer the Following Questions: Mention Any Four Clauses of the Cabinet Mission Plan. - History and Civics

The period between 1920 to 1947 was marked with major events and reforms that finally led to us to our independence. In this context, answer the following questions:

Mention any four clauses of the Cabinet Mission Plan.

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Four clauses of the Cabinet Mission Plan were:
(i) The Cabinet mission proposed the formation of the federal union of the British Provinces and princely states in India. The Central Government was to have control of the defence, foreign affairs and communications in the country.
(ii) It was laid down that the Indian Union was to have its own executive and legislature and Provinces had the power to enjoy complete autonomy for all subjects other than union subjects.
(iii) The British Provinces were to be divided into groups. There were three major groups and a province could opt out of any group and join another by a majority of votes.
(iv) It proposed the setting up of a Constituent Assembly to frame the Constitution of India. It was to consist of 389 members. The members were to be elected by the Provincial Legislative Assemblies.

Concept: Clauses of Cabinet Mission Plan
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