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The Peace and Prosperity of Countries Lay in the Establishment and Strengthening of Regional Economic Organisations. Justify this Statement. - Political Science

Short Note

The Peace and prosperity of countries lay in the establishment and strengthening of regional economic organisations. Justify this statement.

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This statement represents the ASEAN Regional Forum and the European Union, where ASEAN Regional Forum is based on the notion not to escalate territorial disputes into armed confrontation:

  1. The ASEAN is rapidly growing as a regional organisation with the Vision 2020 including an outward looking role in international community and to encourage negotiations over conflicts in the region.
  2. ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) maintains coordination of security and foreign policy.
  3. The EU has also been funded on the ground of common foreign and security policy, cooperation on justice and home affairs.
  4. The European Union has also extended cooperation while acquiring new members especially from Soviet bloc.
Concept: European Union
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NCERT Class 12 Political Science - Contemporary World Politics
Chapter 4 Alternative Centres of Power
Exercise | Q 13 | Page 64
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