Solution - Explain Briefly the Process of Charging a Parallel Plate Capacitor When It is Connected Across a D.C. Battery - The Parallel Plate Capacitor



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Explain briefly the process of charging a parallel plate capacitor when it is connected across a d.c. battery


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A parallel plate capacitor with air between the plates has a capacitance of 8 pF (1pF = 10−12 F). What will be the capacitance if the distance between the plates is reduced by half, and the space between them is filled with a substance of dielectric constant 6?

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A parallel plate capacitor is to be designed with a voltage rating 1 kV, using a material of dielectric constant 3 and dielectric strength about 107 Vm−1. (Dielectric strength is the maximum electric field a material can tolerate without breakdown, i.e., without starting to conduct electricity through partial ionisation.) For safety, we should like the field never to exceed, say 10% of the dielectric strength. What minimum area of the plates is required to have a capacitance of 50 pF?

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Draw a neat labelled diagram of a parallel plate capacitor completely filled with dielectric.

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The plates of a parallel plate capacitor have an area of 90 cm2 each and are separated by 2.5 mm. The capacitor is charged by connecting it to a 400 V supply.

(a) How much electrostatic energy is stored by the capacitor?

(b) View this energy as stored in the electrostatic field between the plates, and obtain the energy per unit volume u. Hence arrive at a relation between and the magnitude of electric field between the plates.

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Considering the case of a parallel plate capacitor being charged, show how one is required to generalize Ampere's circuital law to include the term due to displacement current.

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