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The Ore of Uranium Found in Nature Contain `""_92u^218` and `""_92u^235`. Although Both the Isotopes Are Fissionable. Name the Isotope of Uranium Which is Easily Fissionable. and Give a Reason for Your Answer. and Write a Nuclear Reaction When Uranium 238 Emits an Alpha Particle to Form a Thorium (Th) Nucleus - Physics

The ore of Uranium found in nature contain `""_92U^218` and `""_92U^235`. Although both the isotopes are fissionable. It is found out experimentally that one of the two isotopes is more easily fissionable.

1) Name the isotope of Uranium which is easily fissionable.

2) Give a reason for your answer.

3) Write a nuclear reaction when Uranium 238 emits an alpha particle to form a Thorium (Th) nucleus

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1) `""^235U`

2) `""_92^235U` is less stable than `""_92^238U`

3) `""_92^238U-> ""_90^234Th + ""_2^4He`

Concept: Concept of Nuclear Fission and Fusion;
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