The Numerical Aperture of Objective of a Microscope is 0.12. the Limit of Resolution, When Light of Wavelength 6000A is Used to View an Object is - Physics

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The numerical aperture of objective of a microscope is 0.12. The limit of resolution, when light of wavelength 6000A is used to view an object is.......................

  1. 0.25 * 10-7m
  2. 2.5 * 10-7m
  3. 25 * 10-7m
  4. 250 * 10-7m


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(c) 25 * 10-7m

The minimum resolvable linear distance between two nearby objects is given by



Concept: Resolving Power of a Microscope and Telescope
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2014-2015 (March)



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