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The North Pole of a Long Bar Magnet Was Pushed Slowly into a Short Solenoid Connected to a Galvanometer. the Magnet Was Held Stationary for a Few Seconds with the North Pole in the Middle of the Solenoid and Then Withdrawn Rapidly. the Maximum Deflection of the Galvanometer Was Observed When the Magnet Was: - Science

The north pole of a long bar magnet was pushed slowly into a short solenoid connected to a galvanometer. The magnet was held stationary for a few seconds with the north pole in the middle of the solenoid and then withdrawn rapidly. The maximum deflection of the galvanometer was observed when the magnet was:

(a) moving towards the solenoid
(b) moving into solenoid
(c) at rest inside the solenoid
(d) moving out of the solenoid 

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moving out of the solenoid
Because the relative change in the value of magnetic field is maximum in this condition.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 2 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
Q 31 | Page 104
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