The News (A) Narendra Singh – Broke Record – Long Jump – Regional Meet – Principal Sent Congratulations – Also President Youth Federation - English - Communicative

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The news
(a) Narendra Singh – broke record – long jump – regional meet – Principal sent congratulations – also President Youth Federation
(b) Narendra Singh from St. Michael’s School has broken the regional long jump record. The principal of St. Michael’s has sent his congratulations. Best wishes have also come from the President of the Youth Federation.

Work individually, and note down some events that occurred recently in your school or local area in the same way as the example in (a). Write a short report about it in the space given below.
Exchange notes with your partner. Read out your partner’s information as a news broad¬cast. Use the present perfect tense to report I express actions completed in the recent past but whose effect still remains.

Use your imagination to make the news item sound exciting



A spate of unfortunate events in Madurai — valuables worth Rs. 50,000 stolen — a car snatched at dagger point — a cloth merchant stabbed in broad daylight — the Accountant of the Sugar Mill deprived of cash while coming out of the bank — Some girls teased and molested by some youths — Superintendent of Police assured early arrest of the culprits.

There has been a spate of some unfortunate events in Madurai. The thieves entered a house at night and decamped with valuables worth Rs. 50,000. A cloth merchant has been stabbed in broad daylight over a rupee. The Accountant of the Sugar Mill has been deprived of his briefcase. He was carrying the salary of the staff in it. Some girls have been molested by some youths. The Superintendent of Police has assured early arrest of the culprits.

Concept: Writing and Grammar
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Chapter 1.1: Verb Forms - Exercises [Page 9]


CBSE Class 9 English Communicative - Workbook Interact in English
Chapter 1.1 Verb Forms
Exercises | Q 11 | Page 9


Now, using the ideas given below, write a speech on 'The Role of Youth in Realising the Dreams of Dr. Kalam'. (Refer to CODER) 

a) fighting for equal rights 
b) fighting corruption 
c) empowering the masses 
d) looking for jobs within the country 
e) active involvement in social issues 
f) promoting national integration 
g) equal participation of women in all fields 

Answer the following question briefly:

What did the Professor mean by “intelligent reading”?

Answer the following question.

 In this universe, rain performs many functions. What are those?

Complete the following sentences about the poem.

  1. In the first stanza, the poet refers to four pieces of evidence: large shoes, a long bed, the Bible, fields cluttered with boulders and a leaky barn. This leads the poet to conclude that ‘the man of the house’ was ________________
  2. I think that the child was probably about six years old because_____________ .
  3. The poet suggests that a woman lived in the farmhouse because______________ .
  4. The family probably left the farmhouse because____________________________ .

Discuss in groups 
(a) Have you heard of the Bermuda Triangle? If so, what have you heard about it? 
(b) Have you ever heard of an airplane or a boat disappearing without a trace? 
(c) Can you think of an explanation for an airplane or a boat that disappeared without a trace? 

Match the sentences in A with their meanings in B.


You should have taken your keys.

You could/might have lost your keys at the cinema.

You must have left your keys at home.

It is possible that you left your keys. You are to blame for leaving your keys.

I think that you probably left your keys.

Can you make some guesses about the dead man? Give reasons for your answers. 
a) Did the man die a natural death or was he murdered? 
b) Was the dead man rich or poor? 
c) Who is the man bending over him? 

Simple passive

Present Passive: “Where are they made?”

Match the words from columns A, B, C, and D to produce factually correct sentences. Write your answer in full sentences. (Remember to make your subject and verb “agree”.)

e.g. Coffee is grown in Brazil.

Oranges   produced in Brazil.
Wine   worn in Switzerland.
Maruti cars are eaten in Malaysia.
Coffee   manufactured in France.
The most ex­pensive watches is grown in India.
Uranium   mined in the Middle East.
Satay     South Africa.
Deshdashes     Morocco.

Be careful with the use of said and told. Look at these examples.

(a) He told me to stop work.
They told us they had four children.
She said (that) they were finished.
We said (that) we were leaving at 6 o’clock.

What would you use when ordering somebody to do something: told or said?


Fill in the blanks using said or told.
Add any other words that you think are necessary.

  1. He ________ to sit down and I did.
  2. She ________ the weather would be hot and it was.
  3. They ________ about the disaster and we listened carefully.
  4. He ________ to go away and they did.
  5. She ________ there was no other way to do it.

Impressed by your performance on Sports Day, the Chief Guest (an omcial of the Sports Club of India) decides to offer you a sports scholarship. Write an email to a friend about your performance and the scholarship offered. 


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