The Music Director Ingeniously Told the Media that the Song Was His Ingenuous Work. If You Are Mendacious in Life Most of the Times, You Will Have to Be Mendicant Later to Win Their Trust Back Again. - English Language


In the following question, choose the correct sentence/sentences.

  1. The Music Director ingeniously told the media that the song was his ingenuous work.
  2. If you are mendacious in life most of the times, you will have to be mendicant later to win their trust back again.
  3. Being venal is not a venial crime under the court of law.
  4. The leader abjured his followers to adjure violence as a means to demand their rights.


  • II, III

  • I, IV

  • II, IV

  • I, III



II and III Sentences are the correct options.
I and IV have incorrectly interchanged.

Concept: Incorrect/Correct Sentences (Entrance Exams)
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