The man sitting ______ the enquiry counter was very helpful ______ polite. - English

Fill in the Blanks

The man sitting ______ the enquiry counter was very helpful ______ polite.


  • on, or

  • by, but

  • near, then

  • at, and



The man sitting at the enquiry counter was very helpful and polite.

Concept: Fill in the Blanks (Entrance Exams)
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Select the best option from the four alternatives.

Ben likes walking _______.

Fill in the blank by choosing the most appropriate option:

A fire broke ____________ in the neighbourhood.

Fill in the blank by choosing the most appropriate option:

If you promise ____________ angry with me, I'll tell you what I broke.

Direction: Fill up the blanks numbered (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) in the passage given below with the most appropriate word from the options given for each blank.

The main objective of art and (a) living is to develop (b) sensibilities and skills of healthful living besides providing a (c) ground for the love of labour, (d) social attitudes and moral values so as to enable the child to be (e) to the ideas of others with humility and sincerity in thought, word, and deed. Love for mankind and helping the needy would (f) at this stage and its culmination would be in terms of attainment of selfless service. 'd' is

The sentence has one or two missing elements, as indicated by a series of dashes. Following the sentence, you will see lettered words or sets of words. Choose the word or set of words that best fit the meanings of the sentences a whole.
Walpole’s art collection was huge and fascinating, and his novel “ the Castle of Otranto” was never out of print; none of this mattered to the Victorians, who ______________ him as , the best, ______________.

In the following question, three of four sentences, A, B, C, D as the case may be form a meaningful paragraph/flow of thought. One of the sentences is missing shown as _________ You have to find out from (A), (B), (C), or (D) which sentence would best fit the missing part.

  1. The country through which we had been travelling for days had an original beauty.
  2. The wide plains were diversified by stretches of hilly country with low passes.
  3. _____________________________
  4. We had had occasional showers of hail, but now the weather was mainly fine and warm.

Which of the following would best fit?

It was ____ hot that day and the cable suffered the brunt of the heat.

The defending champion justified his top _______ by clinching the titile.

He tends to _______ to any suggestion I make in meetings

________ you wake me up so early on a Sunday?

Choose the set of words that best fits the meaning of the given sentence.
Just as his elder brother’s  __________ academic record had enabled him to attend one of the best universities, Rahul was also  _______ to secure admission in one of the premier business schools.

Complete the sentence with a suitable word indicating your option for question:

The RBI in consultation with Government of India has _______working group to suggest measures for revival of weak public sector banks. 

Fill in the blank:

When the morning_____ murder was discovered. 

Fill in the blank.

Please give me ____________ to drink.

Fill in the blank.

Her true feelings manifested themselves in her sarcastic asides; only then was her _________ revealed. 

Complete the sentences on the right with appropriate compound nouns related to the two-word verbs used in the sentences on the left.

I. setbacks II. Tip-offs III. passers-by IV. Upbringing

1. The police were waiting for a. Harry had a very the thieves. Someone must strict _____ and was have tipped them off. glad to move away from his parents. 2. As I passed by her house, I b. The engine fault was could see people dancing in the latest of several —the front room. in the development of the car. 3. She was born and brought up c. We received several in central London. _____ that there would be an attempted break-out at the prison. 4. The injury has set back his d. The man was leaning chances of being fit to play out of the window, in the find shouting at ____ in the street below. 

In the following sentence, there is a blank space. Below the sentence, there are four words Choose the correct word to fill in the blank.

After hours of acrimonious arguments, the negotiations reached a(n) ______ neither side was willing to compromise.

In the following sentence, there is a blank space. Below the sentence, there are four words Choose the correct word to fill in the blank.

My friend feels as though nothing ______ to him.

In the following sentence, there are two blank spaces. Below the sentence, there are four pairs of words. Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

Due to _____ rainfall this year, there will be ____ cut in the water supply.

Complete the following paragraph with the help of the given option.

It ______ the evening of a cold December day.

They had drinks ______ snacks beside fire.

Countless Indians today use neem twigs, called datun, as ______ toothbrushes.

Everyone was advised not to go near the seashore as high tide was ______.

During winter, we can ______ ourselves from the cold by wearing ______ clothes.

Jason promised to ______ an attempt to get better grades this year.

I would rather stay indoors ______ the rain stops.

In his first public comment, the President said with concern that the leak of classified information from the battlefield ''could potentially ______ individuals or operations".

All the children were asked to ______ carefully ______ the teacher was giving instructions.

Pick out the most effective word to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

Rohan is too ______ as far as his food habits are concerned.


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