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The Makers of Our Constitution Adopted the Parliamentary and the Cabinet Form of Government. with Reference to This, Answer the Following Questions: Explain Briefly the Position and Power of the Prime Minister in Relation to the Cabinet. - History and Civics

The makers of our Constitution adopted the Parliamentary and the Cabinet form of Government. With reference to this, answer the following questions:

Explain briefly the position and power of the Prime Minister in relation to the Cabinet.

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i. The Prime Minister is the leader of the Cabinet. He presides over the meetings and the proceedings of the Cabinet.
ii. The Constitution gives the Prime Minister the liberty to choose his Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State and Deputy Ministers and appoint them. He also allocates them various portfolios.
iii. The Prime Minister presides over Cabinet meetings and decides their agenda. After listening to the views of the numerous Cabinet Ministers in such meetings, he also determines the future course of action for the concerned Ministries.
iv. The resignation of the Prime Minister is considered to be the resignation of the entire Council of Ministers.
v. Regardless of the rank, a Minister has to vacate his portfolio if the Prime Minister directs him to do so.

Concept: Position and Powers of the Prime Minister
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