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The Main Reason for the Abundant Coliform Bacteria in the Water of River Ganga is : (A) Immersion of Ashes of the Dead into the River (B) Washing of Clothes on the Banks of River (C) Discharge of Industrial Wastes into River Water (D) Disposal of Unburnt Corpses into River Water - Science

The main reason for the abundant coliform bacteria in the water of river Ganga is :
(a) immersion of ashes of the dead into the river
(b) washing of clothes on the banks of river
(c) discharge of industrial wastes into river water
(d) disposal of unburnt corpses into river water

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(d) disposal of unburnt corpses into river water
The coliform bacteria is present in human intestine. Its presence shows contamination. The main reason for the presence of abundant coliform bacteria in river Ganga is the disposal of unburnt corpses into the river water.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 6 Management Of Natural Resources
Q 57 | Page 260
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